About Us

Baby Pooch is here! 

The idea of Baby Pooch's apparel line came to me one morning while getting my daughter dressed. I was racing to get out the house.  One, I had to get her to the daycare and Two – I needed to catch a very early morning train to make it to work on time.  However, she kept squirming and wouldn't let me put her arms through her shirt.  Sleepy and agitated, she also didn't want me to lift her head. She literally cried and cried.  Of course, I almost cried too. I’m sure you can understand.  That was when I had the "Aha" moment. 

I thought, "There really should be a bodysuit that I don’t have to fight to get over her head and squeeze and bend her little arms to get them through these non-stretchable sleeves!”.  I loved the idea of an open neck and sleeve closure shirt that was not only practical, but trendy and stylish as well.  

I hope you will enjoy dressing your little one as much as I enjoyed creating it!  


We are "Baby Outfitting Made Easy"™


Thank you for supporting Baby Pooch!


This picture below is memorable because this is the first sample of our Baby Pooch sweatshirt that my beautiful daughter wore.  She was making mommy a beautiful flower for Mother’s Day at Daycare! 🌷

Picture here wearing our Baby Pooch Speckled Cotton Unisex Sweatshirt in color Red & Blue



Our Mission: 

At Baby Pooch our mission is to support charities whose mission is to transform the lives of at-risk infants, children and families.  With every shirt you purchase, a portion of each sale goes to charitable organizations.  With your purchase you will help further our greater mission of strengthening families and to support families at a crucial time in their lives.  💕